Power Enhancer Technology

Power Enhancer Technology

A GMX Corporation Exclusive Product

1. The Basic Principle of the Power Enhancer Technology
Power Enhancer Technology (PET) is a system based on Magnetic
Resonance Theory (similar to the MRI devices found in medical usage) and
makes the interspaces between carbon-carbon bonds wider thus allowing
oxygen to enter into these interspaces for a complete oxidation or burning
reaction between the carbon and oxygen. This results in fuel being burned
completely so that the combustion efficiency increases to its near theoretical
maximum. The result is decreased combustion temperature, decreased
Nox and decreased DPM (Diesel Particular Matter.

2. How Power Enhancer Technology Maximizes Fuel Efficiency
PET has been developed for use on all combustible fuels. It has the same
effect on propane, natural gas, kerosene, gasoline, jet fuel, aircraft fuel,
diesel fuel, number 2 diesel and number 6 bunker fuel. It generates the MRI
phenomenon to the hydrogen nucleus of organic fuel, and makes the inter-
spaces of the carbon-carbon bond wide enough, so that oxygen molecules
may enter into the interspaces. This process allows for the combustion to
be maximized and more energy is generated due to the complete oxidation
or burning of the carbons.

GMX has designed specific models for each fuel type and can accomodate
all diameters of pipe sizes. Installation is very simple due to the fact that the
device firmly clamps onto the incoming fuel line before or after the fuel

3. What will PET do for my fuel consumption?
Depending on the combustion efficiency of your burner or engine design
you can expect efficiency gains from 6% to 20%.