Global Warming–What Can GMX Do To Help

In The Eugene, Oregon, Register Guard, of February 4, 2007–the headlines read–World’s Scientists Issue Weather Alert For Earth. In a report released by the Interngovernmental Panel on Climate Change, it was stated that global warming is occuring. A stabilization is needed and would require an immediate reduction in emissions. The article was taken from the LA Times.

Global warming cannot be reversed but it can be mitigated, said climatologist Gerald Meehl of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado. He also stated that if emissions are reduced, “We’ll have fewer climate changes and less warming. If they are higher, we’ll have much greater changes. The longer you wait to begin reducing emissions, the worse the problem gets.”

So, what can GMX do? The GMX Model 400s lower emissions on vehicles! We now have 3 different emission tests on 3 different vehicles in 3 different states–the results all the same. After the GMX Model 400s were installed, all 3 vehicles–their emissions dropped to just above zero.

GMX can help reduce emissions tremendously. I strongly urge you to do what you can to help this crisis. And it is a crisis! The GMX Model 400 is a sleeping giant–what an opportunity to really help mankind. I’ve always stated that it is best to leave things better than you found them. Well, here is a great way to do that.

An example of what you can do: Get an emissions test on your vehicle. Then install either 1 or 2 GMX Model 400s, depending on the size of your vehicle (1 for small vehicles, 2 for mid-size cars, SUVs, or pickups), drive your car for 2 weeks, then get an emissions test done again. You will be shocked at how much lower the emissions are!

GMX International Corporation was started to offer people a healthy alternative to water softeners and lower emissions. Our theme is “In Partnership With The Environment.” Please help us to educate others that we have devices that can keep vehicle emissions to a minimum.


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