Just a note to update you on the use of the GMX Model 400 and the Model 800 on heavy commercial vehicles. I’ve been testing the magnets on trucks and gas-powered automobiles. Needless to say, they work very well.

As for the placement of the appliance on trucks, an 800 on the main fuel line between the fuel tank and the engines fuel transfer pump works well followed by the attachment of a 400 between the fuel transfer pump and the fuel injection pump manifold. To further enhance the effectiveness of the setup, I would strongly encourage the customer to replace the existing steel-braided fuel line with the newer plastic D.O.T. approved fuel lines which are available at almost all truck parts stores.

As for my findings, having made several runs in the past from Salt Lake City to Stockton, CA. I've found that I could save as much as 15-20 gallons of fuel on each trip with the appliances in place. My gross vehicle weight for the record was usually at 78,000 lbs and the trip mileage approximately 734 miles.

Also, taking it upon myself the have a lube oil analysis performed at each 12,000 mile service, I've found that the lube oil contaminate levels dropped about 5-10 percent. Most engineers would agree that since the figures connected with these findings are of a positive note, the down side would be not to extend the mileage on the Lube oil, as at about 9,000 miles the oil has, for the most part exhausted most if not all of its additives; that would apply equally well to gas-fired automobiles.

Sincerely Yours,

Myron L. Ababurko
Retired Merchant-Marine Chief Engineer

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